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Style and Performance: The Perfect Car Mat Couple

Posted by Derek Hooper on

In our first two blog posts, we’ve talked about the premium performance that Waterhog Car Mats bring to your car, truck or SUV.  Now, it’s time to enlighten you on the style that they bring as well.  According to, there more than 250 different car models produced in 2016.  Sure, different models obviously offer unique performance features, but let’s face it…the biggest difference between these models is their style.  We, as consumers, love options.  Think about it this way.  What use to be categorized as simply car, truck and SUV has now become small car, mid-size car, large car, luxury car, small CUV (that’s crossover utility vehicle), mid-size CUV, large CUV, luxury CUV, small SUV…you get the point.

JD Power has ranked exterior styling as #3 on the top 10 list of why car buyers choose a specific vehicle model.  So if we love the exterior style so much, why not continue that passion into the interior of your vehicle.  We understand that a floor mat’s most important purpose is protection, but what if you could have that protection and as a bonus have style?  Waterhog Car Mats is unlike competitive car mats and liners.  We don’t offer one traditional look with a few colors.  We offer several unique patterns coupled with several unique color options.  Let’s take a look at these patterns:

Classic:  Our Classic pattern presents a more traditional looking car mat, but still utilizes a multi-directional diamond pattern to enhance its overall look.

Chevron:  The Chevron pattern is certainly nothing new.  Everyone loves chevron, and now you can get a chevron pattern that is not just screen printed, but molded into the product for added durability.

Personalized:  Similar to the Chevron pattern, everyone takes pride in their name and loves the chance to customize products.  With the Waterhog Personalized pattern, it’s a molded monogram car floor mat that will outlast any competitive printed customization.

Paw Print:  Our Paw Print collection is one of the most unique floor mat options you will find for your vehicle.  Pets are fun, adorable, loyal, exciting, and can even be our best friends.  Why not keep the fun going inside your vehicle with a car mat style perfect for Pet lovers!

Traction:  The Waterhog Car Mats Traction pattern offers another sleek and more traditional looking car floor mat.  Again, it is nice to have options to choose from.

Defender:  Our Defender collection is not only the most durable all rubber car floor mat on the market, but also utilizes a unique multi-directional pattern to create a rugged, eye catching design.

So if style and performance are the key components of the buying process, why not look for a product that has both?  Think about how many different phone cases you can get for your mobile device.  The different styles offered is almost unlimited, but you also need that case to protect the phone right?  The same goes for your vehicle.  Waterhog Car Mats will provide you with ultimate floor protection, but also give you the chance to explore fun and unique options in regards to which style you like.  So now that you are informed, take a second to shop around and explore all of our collections right here.

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