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Fall is here.

Posted by Derek Hooper on

Waterhog Car Mats - autumn leaves

Fall is here.  With fall comes leaves.  Yes, the changing of the leaves can be a beautiful thing, but this is not always the case for your vehicle.  As we all know, once leaves are done looking beautiful, they dry up and crumble to the ground.  As we walk across fallen leaves, residue gets stuck to our shoes and tracked into our vehicle.  I think we are all familiar with the tiny leaf particles that somehow find their way into our vehicle’s floorboard.  We are also all familiar with a solution to that, car floor mats.  Well….not all floor mats can do the job.  Sure, dirt and other things like leaf particles sit on top of the mats….at least temporarily.  Eventually, your foot traffic will push those particles off of the mat and onto your vehicle’s nice carpeted floor (which you thought was protected).

The good news is that we have a true solution.  It’s called bi-level tread and every Waterhog Car Mat product includes this carpet saving technology.  All of our car mats are produced with a molded pattern that creates two levels allowing dirt and moisture to be scraped off from the top level and then filter down into the bottom level.  Perhaps the best feature is that once the dirt finds its way to that bottom level, it stays there…for good.  No more dirt migrating to the corners of your floor board.

So next time you are cruising the roads basking at the beauty of the autumn leaves, just remember that they will eventual find their way into your car, truck or SUV’s floors.  Get the protection you need with Waterhog Car Mats.   

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