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Car Mat Olympics…what if?

Posted by Derek Hooper on

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With the 2016 summer Olympic games coming to an end this month, we thought we would provide you with some reasoning as to why we believe Waterhog Car Mats would take home Gold in the obviously not-realistic Car Mat Olympics (cue the intro music…duhhh duhhhh duh duh duh duh duh).  So instead of swimming, gymnastics or track field, let’s talk about potential events that may take place in a far-fetched Car Mat Olympics.

Moisture Retention Event

We’re all familiar with several water sport events that take place in the Olympics.  In the Car Mat Olympic games, there is one event/job that matters when it comes to liquids, spill protection.  Sure, we can definitely track in moisture from rain or snow outside, but in terms of large quantities of liquids, it is all about how well your floor mat can take a dropped coffee or soda.  Well as you may have assumed from its name, the Waterhog floor mat is the clear favorite in this event.  It’s unique non-woven construction allows liquids to quickly filter into the mat through several layers of fibers.  This not only eliminates any chance of puddling like you will find in any plastic car liner, but it also allows the mat to dry faster.  As an added bonus, our products are resistant to any mold or mildew. 

Dirt Capturing Event

Maybe the best comparison would be a goalie in soccer or water polo, but a floor mat’s main job is to capture dirt and not let anything get past it.  If any tracked in dirt, mud or moisture reaches your vehicle’s floor, then the mat has not done its job (and for the sake of this blog post, potentially cost itself a gold medal.) With a cheaper floor mat, dirt will sit on top of the mat.  As your feet move from gas pedal to brake pedal, that dirt will inch its way closer and closer to the edge until it has finally reached your car, truck or SUV’s floorboard.  Waterhog Car Mat’s unique bi-level tread is designed to block the migration of dirt.  By letting dirt filter into the base of the mat, the dirt will have several tread walls blocking its path to the floor.

Style and Appearance Event

In the Olympic gymnastics events, a gymnast must not only perform, but also stick the landings and give off the appearance of a true professional.  In the Olympics for car floor mats, we believe it should work the same way.  Unlike cheaper store bought alternatives or even expensive car floor liners where style is fairly limited, Waterhog Car Mats presents a variety of tread patterns and colors for you to choose from.  Our Paw Print collection, for example, brings an adorable sense of fun into your vehicle and reminds you constantly of that furry best friend of yours.  Our Personalized collection offers a premium custom product that allows you to add a personalized flair to your vehicle.

So there you have it.  In the completely fictionalized Car Mat Olympics (which the more I write, the more I wish was a real thing), it is easy and definitely reasonable to consider Waterhog Car Mats as the hypothetical gold medal favorite. 

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