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How the Waterhog™ Began and Its Reasons for Success

Posted by Derek Hooper on

Despite the launching of Waterhog™ Car Mats taking place in late 2015, the product truly began to form itself over the last 25 years.  The Andersen Company, a sister company of Waterhog Car Mats and subsidiary of our parent company Mountville Mills, created the Waterhog™ entrance mat in 1987 as a unique product that truly differentiated itself from existing floor mats in the market.  Almost 30 years later, the Waterhog™ brand has grown to become the most well-known and trusted brand in both the residential and commercial floor matting industry.  Between Waterhog Car Mats and its sister companies, there are over 100 different variations of Waterhog™ products, making it pretty clear that the preferred brand of entrance floor mats is indeed the Waterhog™. 

Waterhog Car Mats transition from entrance mat to car mat


Now, the most obvious application of floor mats other than residential and commercial building entrances is your vehicle.  As you know, floor mats inside your vehicle typically come standard with any purchase regardless of vehicle type.  Cars, trucks, SUVs, crossovers and minivans will usually include some form of floor mat protection.  The problem with most of the standard car floor mats, whether they are carpeted or rubber, is that they typically lack performance and unique style.  Because of this (in a way similar to the start of the traditional Waterhog™ entrance mat), we decided to enter the automotive accessory market with Waterhog™ Car Mats.  The unique construction, style and performance of these mats offers a true differentiation to existing car and truck floor mats.

3 reasons the Waterhog mat succeeds:

  • Bi-level construction: When you think about a car mat, or even traditional entrance floor mat, the main objective is protection. Everyone does and should care about the interior and exterior of their car, truck or SUV.  With that said, car mats should be a priority.  After all, the biggest source of tracked in dirt and grime is your feet that touch the vehicle’s floor.  All Waterhog™ Car Mats include a molded pattern that effectively scrapes away and collects outside elements making it a true all weather car mat. Each unique crevice traps dirt, eliminating its chance of migrating onto your vehicle’s floor.

  • Unique style: As the old saying goes, image is everything.  This saying can probably be amplified when it comes to cars and trucks.  In a JD POWER article, “exterior styling”, “quality of workmanship”, and “liking the image the car portrays” were 3 of the top 10 reasons for buying a car.  As opposed to traditional car mats and liners, our product line gives you the option of choosing your preferred style through the use of 6 unique tread patterns and 8 unique colors.  Even further, our personalized car mats give you the ability to create a custom car mat catered to the specific monogram of your choice.

  •  Excellent quality: All of our products are manufactured in the USA.  We pride ourselves are producing high quality all weather car mats that uphold the reputation of the proven Waterhog™ brand.  Because of our confidence in the durability and quality of our products, we include a five-year warranty with the purchase of our mats.  

Everyone has heard that “history repeats itself”.  Well, we at Waterhog™ Car Mats hope that it does.  Over 25 years ago, the Waterhog™ entrance mat started off as a unique and different product, and today its name carries a reputation.  We are confident that Waterhog™ Car Mats can follow that path, and become a name (and product) that all consumers can trust.

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