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What is Waterhog™ and how does it work?

Posted by Derek Hooper on

Despite its over 25 years of experience in various entrance floor mat markets, we understand the “Waterhog” name is probably new to most car mat shoppers.  Never heard of it before? Don’t worry…keep reading you’ll know all about them.  Our Waterhog mats have a unique look, but even more importantly a unique and improved performance over competitive mats and liners.  After reading this article, we hope you have a better understanding of the Waterhog name and why it is the best option for covering your car, truck or SUV floor.


Superior Moisture Retention

Not to be confused with warthog, the mud-bathing mammal that can be found in the African safari, all Waterhog Car mats actually do perform just as its name suggests by…you guessed it…hogging water (or any other spilled liquids for that matter).  The unique fiber construction of our floor mats allow moisture to dissipate into several layers of fibers.  This dispersion of spilled liquids prevents moisture from being contained to one spot and allows the floor mat to dry more quickly.  So in the case of protecting your vehicle, our mats outperform car floor liners or all rubber mats by simply dispersing and retaining spills rather than letting that Monday morning coffee spill sit in a puddle on your floor board.  In the case of extreme weather, our all-weather car mats will protect against heavy snow or rain tracked into your vehicle.  Check out the video below to see for yourself.


Bi-level Construction

One of the most noticeable things about our floor mats is the different molded patterns, which just so happens to be a double edge sword.  Not only does this provide stylish patterns, but it drastically improves the performance of our mats.  The most basic purpose for a floor mat is to wipe and collect dirt and moisture from your shoes.  A typical car floor mat may do just fine wiping dirt from shoe soles, but in terms of collecting…not so much.  It’s fairly simple.  A typical mat wipes dirt from your shoes and leaves it sitting at the surface.  Well, as your foot moves around on the mat, so does the dirt.  Guess what?  Eventually that dirt will migrate off the mat onto your vehicle’s floor.  Bummer right?  The good news is that there’s a solution.  The bi-level construction of the Waterhog car mat truly collects dirt below the surface and traps it there.  You can picture it like having two mountains with a valley in between.  If there’s a heavy rainstorm, all the water is going to collect in between those mountains.  Same principle here, just with dirt.  Check out this video to learn more.

Ultra-Grip Cleated Backing

We won’t get too technical here with terms like “coefficient of friction”, but we do want to make you aware of one of the biggest benefits of Waterhog Car Mats.  I think it is pretty obvious that the phrase “safety first” isn’t some sarcastic saying meant for no one to take seriously.  Safety is absolutely the first priority in any product we make.  All Waterhog Car Mats come with an ultra-grip cleated backing to drastically reduce mat movement inside your car, truck, or SUV.  Competitive car floor mats may only include a few hundred cleats to “prevent mat movement” or, as dangerous as it sounds, may not have any at all.  The Waterhog Car Mats Front Medium floor mat includes over 11,000 individual cleats that work together to keep your mat where it belongs.  Check out the video below to see how our mats stack up against the competition.

Stain Resistant

Nobody is perfect.  Whether it’s the Monday morning coffee spill that I’ve already alluded to or one of the various other sources of stains, accidents in the vehicle happen.  A car mat’s job is to keep that stain off your vehicle’s floor.  The problem, however, is when the mat itself gets stained because your still stuck with an ugly, attention grabbing stain that everyone’s eyes automatically draw to when entering your car, truck, or SUV.   The solution to this is simple…Waterhog Car Mats.  Their polypropylene surface is naturally stain resistant.  Check out the comparison below to see how spilled coffee is gone after washing or rinsing the mat.

waterhog car mats stain resistance comparison


 So, there you have it. Four major features of the Waterhog and the science behind how it works.  Now you know the name, and based on its obvious benefits, it should be tough to forget.

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