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5 Reasons Your Spring Budget Should Include Waterhog Car Mats

Posted by Derek Hooper on

Did you know April is National Car Care month?  As reminds us, April is a time where winter is in the rear view mirror, and sunny road trips are ahead.  It is important to prep your vehicle for a summer chock full of windows down cruising.  While certain areas of your vehicle like the engine, tires and brakes get fully warranted attention, the interior of your car can easily get over looked.  Without proper awareness, your car’s interior will gradually go from shiny and sleek to worn down and meek.

By offering premium car mats, we feel as though we offer a pretty good solution for your vehicle’s interior spring cleaning.  We’ve come up with 5 reasons why Waterhog Car Mats will help you take full advantage of National Car Care Month and the rest of this summer season.

 1) April showers bring…muddy shoes

Waterhog Car Mats include a unique bi-level construction that serves multi-purposes in regards to collecting tracked in moisture.  The lower levels of the Waterhog are excellent at retaining moisture, perhaps from shoes still dripping from a recent dunk in a sidewalk puddle. On top of that the unique woven fibers actually disperse tracked in water or spilled liquids allowing the mat to dry much faster than standard carpeted floor mats.  No matter how much moisture is spilled or tracked in, our car mats won’t mold or mildew.

2) Keep the beach at the beach…or at least off your car floor

We’ve all been there.  Whether its Spring Break, Memorial Day weekend, or Fourth of July, trips to the beach are a hot commodity this time of year. In addition to a sun tan and the dreaded feeling of going back to work, the one thing that always comes back with you is sand.  Traditional car mats leave the sand sitting on top of the mat where foot movement can easily displace the sand from mat to car floor.  On the contrary Waterhog Car Mats bi-level surface filters sand to the bottom level where foot traffic cannot reach and will keep the sand on the mat where it belongs.  They are all kinds of great tips for keeping your car beach free, but we think we have the best and longest lasting solution.

3) Car Wash Friendly

With the sun’s rays shining, more and more consumers frequent the car wash to keep their ride looking good.  Just as how most car wash locations today are quick and easy, so are our car mats.  The Waterhog car mats are safe to run through car mat machines, or can be cleaned with a simple shake and quick sweep or vacuum.  On top of it all, Waterhog car mats are machine washable from your very own home.  Check out these instructions on how to properly maintain your mats.

4) Stain free, worry free

Maybe you trade in your hot coffee for an iced coffee this spring and summer, but a spill is still a spill which can potentially leave your car floor with some ugly stains.  Our mat's polypropylene carpeted surface is naturally stain resistant unlike more traditional carpeted car mats.  Couple this factor with their superior moisture retention, and our mats quickly disperse spills, dry up spills, and prevent the stain of spills ultimately allowing you to forget about spills.

5) 5 year warranty

With more summer traveling comes more expenses.  Even gas prices have a tendency to increase during the spring and summer season.  Well, there is no need to worry about your wallet with Waterhog car mats.  Unlike competitive liners, our mats offer you an affordable price, but bring with it premium features that car liners can’t, such as moisture retention.  In addition, we proudly offer you a 5-year warranty proving to you that we stand behind the durability of our product.

So as you start to plan out those warm vacations and prep your vehicle this National Car Care Month, we strongly urge you to consider Waterhog Car Mats as a high performing and low maintenance solution for all your vehicles.

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